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The fix allows you to finish the game, because a link between 2 levels was missed out at the last minute. So now you can pass scene 10.

Details :

Puzzle game inspired by 'Dead Eye' from Red Dead Redemption and the slow down mechanic from Super Hot.

Hold 'Right Click' to slow down time, then while holding it 'Left Click' to set a path to move. Releasing the slow down will move you to each point! But you can slow down mid movement to maintain momentum.

Avoid enemies, walls and reach the end portal! Good luck, level's 11 and 12 are VERY hard. My thumb hurts now. See if you can beat my score, shown as one of the screen shots.


DimensionalSlowDown.zip 13 MB


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Very Cool !

Thanks, Olivier! How far did you manage to get?

I think level 5 or 6 but I had to stop because of work. I know I can get a few levels further. I'll play again soon :)


Fair enough, I know what you mean. In that case when you do play, I wish you luck on the last two levels :P

Aha ! Intriguing ! Makes me want to play right now, unfortunately I have to hand over something tomorrow and I am really behind lol !