If you're having issues with lag and are on Windows, please download and run the Desktop version.

Theme: Only One

Tool Used: Godot Engine, Bfxr, Aseprite

Credits: Music was the song Underclocked by Erik Skiff off the album "Resistor Anthems" (https://ericskiff.com/music/)

Repetitive Space Injury was designed around the use of one button during game play, the space bar. With this the player is constantly moving and shooting in space, and uses the space bar to turn right in 45 degree angles, or hold it to slow down.

During game play you are able to pick up:

  • Spread firing ammo,
  • Bombs,
  • 'Cross' firing ammo,
  • Shield boost

There are also a variety of enemies to defeat, varying in combat capabilities.

God speed, captains!

Install instructions

Extract to a folder, then run .exe


GMTK Windows submission 13 MB

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